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Improve the Efficiency of Your Engines

Enhance engine performance and fuel economy with the help of Power Fuel Savers. Since 2001, we have been providing high-quality Fitch Fuel Catalyst products. Let us be your trusted provider of comprehensive solutions for every possible machine application.

What Is a Catalyst?

A substance that induces a chemical reaction without undergoing any permanent chemical change. Compared to the zirconium catalyst used with heat and pressure, the FFC is a heterogeneous metallic alloy that reformulates the molecular composition of fuel at any temperature and without pressure. This results in a cleaner-burning fuel that produces high energy yield with zero to ultra-low deposits and with reduced emissions.


Why Choose Our Catalyst

Independently tested to ASTM fuel standards, an FFC‑treated fuel is superior in cetane, lubricity, and molecular composition compared to untreated diesel. Here are other reasons why you should have Fitch Fuel Catalyst installed on your engines:

Catalyst Credentials

The FFC has passed the SAE, ASTM, and Federal FTP-75 highway fuel economy/emission tests. This allows Fitch Fuel Catalyst to be widely used by the U.S. Department of Defense in multiple applications.

How Fitch Fuel Catalyst Works

The Fitch Fuel Catalyst is a patented metallic alloy retrofitted into an engine or boiler’s fuel system. Once applied to any machine, Fitch Fuel Catalyst will modify the molecular structure of the fuel to start its combustion process.

What It Does to Diesel

Using the catalyst will make your fuel-powered engines release more inherent BTU heat energy.

Reduces the concentration of aromatics

Reduces the concentration of aromatics

Increases the concentration of aliphatics

Increases the concentration of aliphatics

Benefits of FFC

The Fitch Fuel Catalyst is an excellent fuel stabilizer that suppresses bacteria growth in water contaminated fuels.


It also creates a change to the molecular structure of the compounds in hydrocarbon fuels, such as heating oil and diesel. This molecular transformation "rejuvenates" heating oil, allowing it to burn completely.


FHD Commercial Engine Series (5-120gpm flow rates) Guaranteed Service Life for 10,000 operating hours (replaceable cores available)


HDG Commercial Diesel in line units (40-200gph flow rates) Guaranteed Service Life for 10,000 operating hours or 500K miles


Catalyst sleeved cartridges available in 6, 8 and 10 inch lengths. (max. 95 gal. capacity tank)

Marine Installation Projects

Tri Marine

Various commercial fishing vessels, including the entire fleet of 13 super-seiners owned and operated by Tri Marine Fishing Management, are equipped with FFC canister models. These are applied on main engines and cylinder models on the skiffs to control large purse seine nets.

Eventually, affiliates and competitors of Tri Marine started equipping their super-seiners and skiffs operating in different areas of the South Pacific big eye and yellow fin tuna fisheries. By 2016, the large processing plant in the Solomon Islands equipped its two main boilers and three generators with FFC canister units, power meters, fuel meters, and a data logging system.

Combined Power Produced

How Tri Marine Reduced Fuel Usage implementing Fitch

It is calculated that fuel savings on three generator sets are at 90,000 liters per year. Since its usage, the plant has been utilizing and reordering replacement cores for two boilers and three generators.

F/T Golden Alaska ....Sustaining Member of GAPP (see below Link to Newsletter)

“There has been a clear reduction in smoke and a significant reduction in the carbon build-up which translates into reduced engine maintenance and unscheduled downtime.”

- Mark Purdue, Chief Engineer, Golden Alaska Seafoods, LLC

Ocean-Going Tug Project

As soon as Fitch units were installed on engines, there has been a huge change in their fuel consumption. It also indicated that these engines were operating efficiently.

tug project

Caterpillar C280

tug project2

Fitch model FHD20 installed on the starboard engine

Captain Rick Goche'

See What Our Customers Say About Fitch

“I have been a diesel engine mechanic for 32 years; I have rebuilt over 150 engines in my time. Recently I was asked to rebuild a Cummins M-11 main propulsion engine in the fishing vessel Peso II out of Charleston, Oregon.

Mining & Construction Installation Projects

Bor truck
Mining truck install
Excavator results
Excavator top

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