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Cleaner Exhaust, Smoother Quieter Engine
& Better Fuel Efficiency of 5 to 12%

Ocean Angel 3 Comments

Ocean Angel III (Del Mar Seafoods) installed a set of Fitch Fuel Catalysts on Main CAT 3408 and Isuzu 6-cyl generator engine in August, 2010 based on favorable reports about effectiveness of the product received from other fishermen in the same business.

Within one week of installing FFCs on both the main and gen-set engines, the owner and captain stated "both engines are running noticeably quieter and smoother". No more "clanking" or "knocking" of the cylinders. He and the ship's engineer are recommending that others in the Ocean Angel fleet outfit their boats with Fitch Fuel Catalysts.

Another set of FFC units was purchased for the vessel's lightboat called the f/v Phyllis which has a CAT 3208 main and 4-cyl Isuzu gen-set Engine. Early reports from this boat indicate a noticeable reduction in visible smoke from the exhaust stack and quieter-running engines.

After several months operating out of Ventura Harbor despite running the engine faster to offset the added drag caused by recently installed roll stabilizers, Capt. Steve Lovejoy believes they are using less fuel than he would have thought. Following this recommendation, two other company-owned vessels have purchased and installed Fitch catalysts on their main engines.