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  Career Highlights and Background of Mark Phillips

Mr. Phillips (pictured at Pismo Beach overlook) once worked in the petroleum industry as an Engineering Geophysicist, having earned a M.S. Degree in the field in the 1970’s. He led a team of a dozen young engineering technologists in Houston, Texas who mapped marine drilling and production hazards (both bottom and subterranean) using remote sensing techniques such as echo sounding, radar and digital seismic. Later he consulted with major oil companies on projects in Latin America, the Caribbean and West Africa (Morocco, Tunisia and Mauritania) to help mitigate environmental risk from these operations.

In the early 1980’s, Mr. Phillips’ interests gravitated to the developing world of small business and personal computing as the personal computer revolution began. He formed a consulting company to help businesses in the Los Angeles CA area procure computing equipment and developed custom software programs and reports to aid them in the transition from old-style manual methods to automation of inventory control, merchandizing and sales. He developed a wholesale apparel software system with full integration with a major accounting system that was utilized by over 20 accounts at one point in the L.A. Garment district. He later joined software giant Baan Systems and helped implement their Customer Relationship and Product Configuration software for companies like AT&T, Volvo and Telecom Italia.

In the early years of the new millennium, he became aware of and concerned about the serious environmental consequences attributed to wasteful use of fossil fuels, so-called “climate change phenomena”, he began to explore options for becoming actively involved with various alternative energy sources such as solar, wind and geothermal and also methods to increase the efficiency of traditional sources for electrical and engine power. He studied fuel quality issues and eventually owned and operated a fuel polishing service for diesel fuel which brought him in contact with private and commercial boat owners. Through these investigations and contacts he eventually made contact with Advanced Power Systems, the manufacturer of the Fitch Fuel Catalyst. Since 2008, when fuel prices reached levels from which they would never truly reverse to previous ranges, Mr. Phillips began focusing on the commercial fishing sector. Working as a manufacturer’s rep of APSI, he is now helping to create awareness in this sector as well as the workboat and passenger vessel industry.