Fitch Fuel Catalyst distributed by Power Fuel Savers
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Cleaner Exhaust, Smoother Quieter Engine
& Better Fuel Efficiency of 5 to 12%

It Was a "No Brainer" to Equip All His Boats...

Bob Fraumeni, the owner of F.A.S. Seafood has equipped his fleet of 8 fishing vessels with the Fitch Fuel Catalyst. Included in these is his f/v Ocean Pearl, which has a Cat3512 Main Engine.

How the Fitch Fuel Catalyst Works

The Fitch Fuel Catalyst is a patented metallic alloy that reformulates fuel on board prior to combustion. As the fuel passes through the catalyst device, retrofitted to the fuel line, the molecular structure of fuel is modified to a state where it is capable of more complete combustion. As a result the engine converts the chemical energy in the fuel to mechanical energy resulting in better fuel economy, less smoke and reduced harmful emissions.