Fitch Fuel Catalyst distributed by Power Fuel Savers
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Cleaner Exhaust, Smoother Quieter Engine
& Better Fuel Efficiency of 5 to 12%

   Electric Power Generation
Diesel fuel is widely used in power plants of all sizes in areas where grid power is not available or reliable. Therefore, there is a transportation element and storage element accounting for the deterioration of the fuel prior to combustion. Fitch units can be installed on a circulation pump to maintain optimum fuel quality in a storage tank or directly on the engines to provide the horsepower to turn the turbines. Generators tend to run at a fairly constant speed, say 1800 rpm; however, variation in electric load will cause fuel consumption to change. Stand-by electric generators could also benefit from Fitch treatment with a circulating pump. The 1,000 gallons or so in the supply tank need to be optimum when the generator is needed in an emergency. In places like remote mountain areas in India, Fitch units are used to improve fuel quality for tens of thousands of cell phone towers powered by diesel generators. Small home and business generators using gasoline benefit in several ways; principally, the owner never has to worry about the fuel in the tank going bad, if treated with Fitch drop in bullets.

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