Fitch Fuel Catalyst distributed by Power Fuel Savers
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Cleaner Exhaust, Smoother Quieter Engine
& Better Fuel Efficiency of 5 to 12%

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Now physically based in Seattle, WA covering U.S. West Coast including Alaska and Hawaii. (see bio: Career Highlights and Background on Mark Phillips)
Listing of 27 independent test reports on applications (including heavy-duty trucks, cargo handling equipment, power generation for refrigeration, etc.) that are available for review. (see: List of Fitch Test Results.pdf)

Power Fuel Savers has recently joined the Washington Maritime Federation (see: as an Associate Member. Since the WMF represents a multitude of northwest-based agencies, companies and organizations with interests in reducing direct fuel expense as well as carbon emissions causing climate change (sea level rise and extreme weather events in the U.S. and around the world) we welcome this association which we expect will open up a new channel to disseminate information on this beneficial technology.

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Note about Global Ocean Health
For those that make their livelihoods from the ocean, it is becoming more and more important to realize that cutting emissions and fuel usage not only benefits your bottom line, but also sustains a healthy ocean. With the recent decision at COP21 in Paris, the world community (both government and industry) has made a commitment to work towards a low emission future. The oceans control our climate, absorb about 30% of carbon emissions, 90% of excess heat, and create 50% of the oxygen we breathe. But the effects of carbon on the ocean are already being seen in the form of ocean acidification: shellfish, salmon, crab, and many other species are at risk. The renewable energy market is growing, and many opportunities for improving energy efficiency are available. For now, fossil fuels will remain part of the mix - but doing what you can to reduce your carbon footprint with technology like the Fitch Fuel Catalyst will benefit both the ocean that provides us with our livings, and your business' bottom line. We thank you for taking action today to lower your emissions and fuel usage.

-- Julia Sanders, Global Ocean Health, a program of the National Fisheries Conservation Center email:

If you'd like to further support Global Ocean Health's efforts to ensure a healthy ocean and protect seafood at the source, please donate.