Fitch Fuel Catalyst distributed by Power Fuel Savers
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Cleaner Exhaust, Smoother Quieter Engine
& Better Fuel Efficiency of 5 to 12%

   Cargo Handling and Heavy Equipment
This category of mostly diesel-fueled equipment consumes enormous quantities of fuel, mostly off-road lower-grade diesel that sits in storage tanks for many weeks or months before being consumed. The equipment tends to idle most of the time. Our data from various monitoring programs suggests at least 50% of the engine running time is at idle with no load. At other times the equipment is under severe load. These extremes are hard on equipment and result in significant downtime for repairs and rebuilds.

Customers like CSX Intermodal of Jacksonville, FL have come to appreciate the many benefits of having Fitch-treated fuel for their equipment. Problems such as clogged fuel filters in high humidity areas like the Gulf of Mexico ports are no longer a problem for CSX Intermodal. Although it is often difficult to quantify fuel savings on this type of equipment, it is the M&R savings such as longer rebuild cycles, cleaner, longer-lasting motor oil and fuel injectors that are driving CSX Intermodal to specify that all new equipment supplied by seven different manufacturers including My-Jack and Taylor Redd cranes have an in-line Fitch heavy-duty catalyst installed prior to delivery. In addition, they are in the process of retrofitting thousands of pieces of equipment in their yards across the country. A report on their studies and recommendations is available upon request.

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